Artist Book Editions with a musical component that was composed with
processed based methods.

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The following books feature a musical component included with the book on CD that was composed using a conceptual framework that integrates the music directly with the visual components in the book.
Each of books also has a video with the music that may be viewed on the web page.

Cat. No. 76 - Hexatonic Prime, edition, music CD, 2016

Cat. No. 74 - The Free Circle, edition, music CD, 2016

Cat. No. 70 - Winds, edition, music CD, 2015

Cat. No. 57 - A Three Thousand Light Year Journey, edition, music CD, 2013

Cat. No. 56 - Rhythm Grid, edition, music CD, 2013

Cat. No. 49 - Periodic Serialism, edition, music CD 2012

Cat. No. 24 - Garden, edition, music CD, 2004

Cat. No. 21 - Wave Motion, edition, music CD, 2001

Cat. No. 19 - 240/239 Percussion, 240/120 Two-Part Composition, edition, music CD, 2001

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