The RUINS Series
1990 - 1992

In 1990 I began making paintings with close tonal values. I was exploring how much information could be conveyed by allowing the detail to slowly reveal itself as the viewer spent time with the work.

In 1989 and 1990 I noticed many abandoned industrial structures in my trips around the Philadelphia area. I saw them as a perfect metaphor, as ruins, for the lost industrial economy in this country as well as the loss of a quality standard of living for many Americans.

Most of the structures in these paintings are no longer standing.

There are 19 works in this series. All works shown here are acrylic on canvas

Ambler Railside

Cat. No. 001 - Ambler Railside 72" x 48" - Private Collection


Cat. No. 006 - Furnace 72" x 48"

More Dangerous Times

Cat. No. 008 - More Dangerous Times 72" x 48" - Private Collection


Cat. No. 014 - Watchtower 72" x 48" - Private Collection


Cat. No. 021 - Underbridge 72" x 48"

Delaware Avenue Rising

Cat. No. 030 - Delaware Avenue Rising 60" x 120"