1990 - 1992

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Deleware Avenue Rising

In 1990 I began making paintings with close tonal values. I was exploring how much information could be conveyed by allowing the detail to slowly reveal itself as the viewer spent time with the work.

In 1989 and 1990 I noticed many abandoned industrial structures in my trips around the Philadelphia area. I saw them as a perfect metaphor, as ruins, for the lost industrial economy in this country as well as the loss of a quality standard of living for many Americans.

Most of the structures in these paintings are no longer standing.

1992-7 Alan Wood Steel No. 3

1992-5 Dodge Steel No. 3

1992-3 Dodge Steel No. 1

1992-1 Alan Wood Steel No. 1

1991-20 Underbridge

1991-6 More Dangerous Times

1991-1 Furnace

1990-4 Pyramid

1990-2 Cathedral

1992-8 Alan Wood Steel No. 4

1992-6 Dodge Steel No. 4

1992-4 Dodge Steel No. 2

1992-2 Alan Wood Steel No. 2

1991-12 Watchtower

1991-2 Steelmaker

1990-5 Cavern

1990-3 Power Down

1990-1 Ambler Railside