The Constructed Elements Series
2006 to 2008

On this page are six works from a series of 13. Two, not shown, are in private collections. To request a complete catalog on DVD of more than 350 works from 1990 to the present contact the artist.

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Constructed Elements is a series of paintings exploring the four alchemical elements: earth, fire, air, and water.

These works are abstract representations of virtual constructed realities. They incorporate ephemeral forms - wind, cloud formations, waves - and the inevitable conditions produced by the forces of nature when ancient elemental balances are disturbed.

Although the paintings in the Constructed Elements series may appear to reference actual geographic locations and weather conditions that may exist or have once existed, the images do not exist in photographic form.

The paintings are constructed from 3D CAD drawings drawn to scale in true mathematical perspective. Using this approach, Williams creates images that could not have been photographed or derived from photography.

The computer drawings provide secure footing for the ink studies. The imagery in the paintings springs from seeing the wind, inhabiting clouds, knowing the sea.

All paintings are executed with dry pigments mixed in oil medium. This method allows subtle glazing to produce tightly detailed images of fleeting moments and ephemeral forms.

2008 No. 3 - Afternoon

2007 No. 11 - Wave Crest

2007 No. 8 - Wall Cloud Forming

2007 No. 12 - Wave Crest - Night

2007 No. 9 - Dounpour

2006 No. 8 - Storm Surge