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New Music Video
In Guns We Trust

by Toe-Knee and the 7th House of Funk

In Guns We Trust is a new song with a strong message against gun violence that will appear on a new album. Toe-Knee and I collaborated on all aspects of this production. The music features Adam Charleton on guitar.

Commercial CD Release
Toe-Knee and the 7th House of Funk
Funk and the Abstract Truth

Toe-Knee and the 7th House of Funk Album Cover

I collaborated with Toe-Knee to co-produce and record this album of real funk with a horn section and guest artist Michael Hampton.

More information at: Definity Music

Lighting Elements
Unique architectural accents,
custom crafted in cast acrylic
with long life LED light sources

Table Piece

Table Pieces 2005-4 & 5 25" x 4" each (Private Collection)

Wall Piece

Wall Piece 2005-6 24" x 24" (Private Collection)

Vinyl History

www.vinylhistory.com is a website dedicated to record collecting. We showcase the obscure and long lost classics that should be heard again

More information at: www.vinylhistory.com