Music Based Paintings
2000 to 2003

On this page are six works from a series of 18.
11 of the series are in private collections. To request a complete catalog on DVD of more than 350 works from 1990 to the present contact the artist.

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I was interested in making abstract works with a methodology that would produce work outside of my previous art-making experience. To accomplish this, I decided to use music as a conceptual starting point. However, I did not use the plan as a strict, final blueprint of the work. At each stage in the process, as my conceptual plan was taking visual form from its non-visual source, I made artistic decisions to introduce subjectivity into the work. In this way I produced a work that has both a musical source and pure abstract elements.

The works with musical sources began as ideas for musical compositions that I would perform and record on a multi-track digital recording machine. I would then use these musical compositions as source material to suggest structural elements for a visual work.

I was trained as a woodwind player in my youth. As I discovered Jazz and obtained an alto saxophone, I became interested in improvisation and studied informally by listening to Jazz recordings. Later, I was involved in recording and production on a local level. I currently collaborate with "Toe-Knee and the 7th House of Funk" recording and producing commercial CD releases. See Other Projects.

2003-22  Electronic Composition Series - With Percussion and Saxophone

2003-21  Electronic Composition Series

2003-20  Electronic Composition Series

2003-19  Electronic Composition Series - With Percussion and Saxophone

2003-1  Duet with Strings

2002-23  Painting Suite, 8 Paintings, Duet in 12/8