Math Based Paintings
1999 to 2003

On this page are 8 works from a series of 25.
11 of the series are in private collections. To request a complete catalog on DVD of more than 350 works from 1990 to the present contact the artist.

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The works based on mathematical formulas employ chance in the form of random numbers generated on a calculator and the principle of self-similarity that was derived from chaos theory. Self-similarity describes a phenomenon found in nature where natural forms exhibit shapes that repeat themselves in ever smaller scales within the structure of the form. I used this principle by generating sets of forms (drawn with CAD software) derived by the formulas and repeated at different scales to provide complex patterns.

2002_12 The Union of Eight Octahedron Pairs

2000-18 Arc Group

1999-25 Circular Arc Construction

2002-4 Mutated Spiral No. 2

2000-8 Large Wave Construction

2000-2 Arc Construction Grid

2000-11a DNA Piece Construction

1999-29 Polygon Triptych