Luminice Press Artist Book Editions



CATALOG NO. B64-2014
A meditation inspired by T'ai Chi

Custom case - 11" x 11-1/2" x 1-1/2"
Book - 8" x 9" (closed), 4 folding panels open to 24" mounted on wooden spine
Accessories - 4 piece stand (assembles to 24" high) to display the book with panels unfolded and a hanger bar to hold the book.
Edition of 6

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Four pinhole photographs, toned silver prints
Four folding panels printed on the Luminice Press
Images from hand-cut polycarbonate plates
Text and symbols from polymer plates
Structure mounted on Tyvek with wood spine
Box cover printed from linocut

Concept, design, printing, binding and box construction
Thomas Parker Williams
Concept, pinhole photography, text selection and layout
Mary Agnes Williams

Trees on stand

Case closed

Case open

Case components

Book Closed

Title Page

Rooted Closed

Rooted open on stand

Yielding Closed

Yielding open on stand

Balance Closed

Balance open on stand

Flow of Chi Closed

Flow of Chi open on stand