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CATALOG NO. B93-2019
Africa's Children - Deluxe Edition of 3

Wood case - 8.5" diameter x 2.5" high.
Working African style drum: formed wood shell with goat skin drum head; wire rings with cord lacing for tuning; painted with enamel; hinged bottom cover. Drum can be played when book is removed.

Book - 7" diameter; in slipcase with closure, 7.25" x 7.25" x .62"
Images - 6 gravures from original drawings by the artist, 5 mounted as volvelles; hand-set letterpress text; wax-printed African cloth covers.

Thomas Parker Williams - Concept, design, illustrations, binding, drum fabrication and printing
Mary Agnes Williams - Concept, text, hand typesetting and printing

Permanent collection - Swarthmore College, McCabe Library, Special Collections

Africa's Children is a personal view about music, based on the rhythms of the drum, that evolved from the African diaspora. Blues, Jazz and Funk are American forms; the music of Cuba combines African and Spanish roots.


Deluxe edition showing book and slip case

Deluxe edition showing book and slip case

Icarus Book open

Detail of the wood drum case

Below is an illustration of how the drum case was constructed. First, thin plywood was soaked in water and bent around a form. Then the four sections were glued together. Tuning rings were formed from wire and soldered. The goatskin head was soaked and formed around the interior ring. The exterior ring has eyelets soldered to it to pass the tuning cord through it as well as the eyelets on the bottom of the drum. The drum is then tuned in the African way by pulling the cords tight.

Drum Construction