Garden, a multi-part work, is based on the concept of a Japanese Zen rock garden. Responding to a call for entries for a sound works show, I became intrigued with the concept and decided to expand into a series about the Garden, adding an artist book and fifteen paintings to the music. Through all three media, I explored the Garden's basic elements - a rectangular low wall, raked gravel, iconic stones - and their relationships in time and space.

Music Several layers of percussion form the foundation of a seventeen-section original music composition. Between Entry and Exit music, the percussion supports woodwind solos representing a journey to the fifteen stones. All of the music was performed and recorded by the artist.

Artist Book, Edition of 50 Each artist book features fifteen unique brushed ink drawings on paper that I embossed in various patterns to mimic the Garden's raked gravel. I hand cut a multi-layered cover so it could be closed in a variety of ways. Each book includes a music CD.

See artist book - "Garden"

Paintings A set of fifteen paintings represents the Garden's stones. I used two pieces of 1/2" cast acrylic as supports for the work since I wanted to have multiple levels of color, both painted and reflected. Each painting's glyph echoed the ink drawings in the artist books.

There are 15 works in this series. All works are in acrylic paint and enamel on cast acrylic sheets.

Garden, Stone 3

Cat. No. 224 - Stone No. 3, 24" X 24" - Private Collection

Garden, Stone 5

Cat. No. 226 - Stone No. 5, 24" X 24"

Garden, Stone 6

Cat. No. 227 - Stone No. 6, 24" X 24" - Private Collection

Garden, Stone 8

Cat. No. 229 - Stone No. 8, 24" X 24" - Private Collection

Garden, Stone 12

Cat. No. 233 - Stone No. 12, 24" X 24" - Private Collection

Garden, Stone 13

Cat. No. 234 - Stone No. 13, 24" X 24" - Private Collection