Audio Works

All audio works on this page are the original compositions, recordings and instrumental performances of Thomas Parker Williams

Edited versions of the works are provided on this page in mp3 format.

I also have collaborated with "Toe-Knee" and other musicians to produce a commercial "Funk" CD release. More information at Definity Music

Licensing and use of these audio works
Full versions (in .wav or .flac format) of these works are available by contacting Thomas Parker Williams at the email address on the information page.
All of the audio works on this site are licensed by Creative Commons and may be used without charge by video, sound or installation artists for non-commercial purposes as long as proper credit to Thomas Parker Williams is given in your finished work.
Individual Creative Commons Licenses are found on this page, or on the individual pages listed with each mp3 file.

Mp3 files - This page had contained links to the source musical compositions for the Music Based Paintings Series. They were removed to conserve server space. If you have interest in these musical works please contact the artist

Wild Information - Sound Work Wild Information was composed and performed in my studio using acoustic percussion instruments that were digitally processed.
This composition was part of the Wilderness Information Network. in 2006

Audio - Creative Commons License
Wild Information by Thomas Parker Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at

Sound Works

Wild Information 2006

Ocean Walk 2005 (Artist Book)

Artist Books

A Three Thousand Light Year Journey 2013

Venezia a febbraio 2013

Rhythm Grid 2013

Periodic Serialism 2012

Garden 2004

Dome 2002

Wave Motion 2001

Cycle Race 2001

  • Cycle Race MP3 - - Temporarily removed to conserve server space
  • Artist Book Page

Riverbank 2001

240/239 Two part composition 2001