CATALOG NO. B99-2020

Circles - rack with volume 1 case open

Circles - Three Volumes

Circles examines the primordial forces of the Universe, biology on earth, and the search for something more.

Specifications - unique artist book in three volumes.
Sixty-eight total original works. Sixty-two drawings and paintings on paper and six constructions. Made with a variety of media and processes.

See images below for links to details of each volume.

Each volume of Circles is protected by a custom-made case, and a custom rack contains the three cases.
Wood and aluminum. Designed and constructed by the artist.

Each book in case – 11.4" diameter 1.8" thick.
Each Book – 10.5" diameter 1.5" thick closed.
Cases in Rack - 13" diameter 8" high
Thomas Parker Williams – Design, binding, all artwork and original video soundtrack music.

Circles Volume 1 Circles Volume 2 Circles Volume 3

Circles - rack with volume 1 case open

Circles - cases in rack with Volume 1 case open