CATALOG NO. B30 2009

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Specifications Edition of 20
4 linocut prints, 4 woodcut prints, 4 fiber based photographic prints, hardbound cover - laminated, cut, and painted paper. digital printing
Pinhole photographs and poems - Mary Agnes Williams

Permanent collections - The Ruth Hughes Collection of Artist Books - Oberlin College
Temple University Special Collections Department, Temple University Libraries

Forest began with pinhole photographs taken by my wife, Mary Agnes Williams.

We examined four photographs in three ways: woodcut, linocut, and a short poem. A two-color woodcut faces each photograph. Printed on the reverse side of each woodcut is a linocut; the poems are printed on vellum. The images are drawn from details in the photographs.

For the cover I wanted to create a three-dimensional representation of tree bark. This was accomplished by drawing a three-layer image and then cutting each layer with a saw. The layers were painted and laminated to a paper base which was glued to the hardbound cover.

Forest cover


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