CATALOG NO. B112-2023

Descendants Case Closed

Descendants in case

Kirkwood Plantation

Kirkwood Plantation, Alabama, 2014 - Pinhole photograph, Mary Agnes Williams

Descendants case open

Case open

Confederate Graves

Confederate graves, Natchez Trace, Mississippi, 2021 - Thomas Parker Williams

Descendants book open

Book open

Specifications - unique book
Book – 9” x 12” closed, 6 double sided panels on Strathmore acrylic paper and Tyvek hinges. Accordion bound book opens to 72 inches
Medium - Cover, Dry pigments in polyurethane and acrylic ink. Drawing from a photograph by Thomas Parker Williams
Pages, Acrylic ink and wash original drawings.
Case – 13.5” x 10” x 1.25, wood and thin plywood with a pinhole photograph by Mary Agnes Williams
Original music composition, composed, performed and recorded by Thomas Parker Williams.
All artwork, case and binding by Thomas Parker Williams.

Permanent collection-
National Gallery of Art Washington, DC

From the antebellum South
through the Klan, Jim Crow,
police terrorism and violent insurrection,
the hatred continues.
Descendants is an artist book about America's past and present.

First side of the panels, scroll to the right to see all of the panels.
Second side of the panels, scroll to the left to see all of the panels.